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Ampichino - Back 2 Back [2017]

Artist: Ampichino
Album: Back 2 Back
Genre: Rap
Released: 2017
Record Label: Double F Records
1. Gassen ft. P3 x Shoddy Boy x Chey Dolla
2. C.O.D. ft. Chino Nino
3. I Ain't on It ft. Bane Caso x V 12 x Live Cinema x Young Bossi
4. Guapala ft. HD
5. Phone Call ft. The Jacka
6. Marty McFly ft. Dubb 20
7. Akron Wake Up ft. Chey Dolla x Shoddy Boy x P3
8. Warning ft. King Locust
9. Convo ft. The Jacka
10. The American Way ft. Chey Dolla
11. OG Convo ft. King Locust
12. My Life ft. Sosa
13. This Feeling ft. Malvo
14. Illa Klip ft. King Locust