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South Park Mexican - The Best of The Best Vol. 1 [2010]

Artist: South Park Mexican
Album: The Best of The Best Vol. 1
Genre: Rap
Released: 2010
Record Label: Dope House Records/SoSouth
1. El Jugador (The Player) ft. Kid Frost & Low-G
2. You Know My Name
3. Latin Throne ft. Marilyn Rylander
4. I Must Be High ft. Russell Lee
5. Filthy Rich ft. Marilyn Rylander
6. Street’s On Beat’s
7. High So High ft. Marilyn Rylander
8. I Need A Sweet ft. Angela Perez & Baby Beesh
9. Somethin’ I Would Do ft. Baby Beesh
10. Twice Last Night
11. Screen’s Falling ft. Coast & Ayana
12. Who’s Over There ft. Low-G & Marilyn Rylander
13. Latola ft. J.C.
14. The 3rd Wish ft. Grimm & Marilyn Rylander
15. Mexican Radio
16. Comin’ Up Comin’
17. Hubba Hubba ft. Baby Beesh & Rasheed
18. All Cot Up ft. Ayana x SPM