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Big Hill - Gimi Sum Dungeon '96 [1996]

Artist: Big Hill
Album: Gimi Sum Dungeon '96
Genre: Rap
Released: 1996
Record Label: Big Hill Productions
1. Player Haters ft. Big Debo x M.C. Wicked x Z-Dog x Lil Gin x Tha Joker x Lil Yo
2. Down To Ride ft. Lil Debo x Killamac x Lil Yo x Lil Gin x Z-Dog x Tha Joker x Mista Playa Dre x Big Debo
3. Get So Buck ft. Lil Debo x Z-Dog x Big Debo
4. My 9 ft. Lil Red x Big Debo x Lil Nut x Z-Dog x Lil Debo
5. North Memphis ft. Lil Gin x Mista Playa Dre
6. Me Shot A White Man ft. Rasta-T
7. Face The Real ft. 211
8. Now My Life Is On The Run ft. TAZ x Tha Joker