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Equation - Children of the Corn [2016]

Artist: Equation
Album: Children of The Corn
Genre: Rap
Released: 2016
Record Label: Siccle Set Muzicc
1. Intro
2. Off Myself
3. Bars
4. Brotha Lynch Hung (Skit)
5. Beat Murderer ft. Z
6. Children of the Corn ft. Dalima
7. Devilish Charm ft. Dalima
8. Genocide
9. Go So High ft. Rick James the Beatnick
10. Last Word ft. Rellentless
11. Loosey Goosey
12. Mama Said
13. Smoke With Me ft. Jared Alfonzo
14. My Mind Is a Warzone
15. Sick
16. To Each His Own
17. We Grind
18. What If