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Eragance - Opposite Arrogant [2010]

Artist: Eragance
Album: Opposite Arrogant
Genre: Rap/R&B
Released: 2010
Record Label: N/A
1. I Feel Like
2. Right Now ft. Tracy T
3. Like A Dog
4. That Ain't This
5. Predictable
6.Do It ft. Mike Fresh
7. You Can Have It All
8. Still Ballin
9. I Bought Dat ft. Yung Ralph
10. Ice Man
11. I Got It All
12. Daddy ft. Villa Mane
13. Independent
14. Rain
15. Licks ft. Villa Mane x Al Nuke
16. Louie Mane ft. Tracy T
17. Maserati
18. Betcha Won't (Zaytoven)
19. Mary Jane (Sig HB)