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Kritical Distrezz - Twisted Mental [2018]

Artist: Kritical Distrezz
Album: Twisted Mental
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2018
Record Label: Gut Grind Records
1. Homicide
2. Practice What I Preach
3. World So Cold (Too Much Pain)
4. Send Yo Soul 2 Dead Land
5. Murder Flow (Skit)
6. Pinebox II ft. Forrevaa Grandd
7. No Pen No Pad (Freestyle)
8. Get It Crunk
9. Open Fire Real Quick
10. I Collect the Corpses
11. Dead Bodies Fall (Outro)

Kritical Distrezz - Of Unknown Origin [2014]

Artist: Kritical Distrezz
Album: Of Unknown Origin
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2014
Record Label: Gut Grind Records
1. Televised Suicide Skit
2. Check This Hoe ft. Kaotic Klique & PCP
3. Great As I Wanna Be
4. Lay Waste 2'em
5. Not the Type
6. Deceased

Kritical Distrezz - Of Unknown Origin 2 [2018]

Artist: Kritical Distrezz
Album: Of Unknown Origin 2
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2018
Record Label: Gut Grind Records
1. Introduction
2. No Parts of Me
3. Ain't No Coming Back
4. Off tha Head
5. Aim 2 Take Your Life
6. Stang in Place II

Underground Unleashed - Stop Us [2019]

Artist: Underground Unleashed
Album: Stop Us
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2019
Record Label: N/A
1. This My Time ft. Douuble You & Monstrawsity
2. The Imprint of Gods ft. Vice Gripp & Zero
3. Like Itz Nothin' ft. Iam Gilgamesh/Benny Hanna/Stacc Styles
4. Cash Me Ouuside ft. Douuble You
5. Boom Bap ft. Legion & Maniphest Destne
6. Heart of a Soldier ft. Legion/Emce Damage/Renigade
7. Sickness ft. Legion/Murda D/Crossworm
8. Burn It Down ft. Sleep Lyrical & Legion
9. Hate My S**t ft. Legion
10. I'm Weird ft. Sleep Lyrical/Trial/F.E.T.U.S.
11. The Sick Side of Me ft. Grewsum/Perennial/Notebook
12. You and Me ft. Sarah Violette/Diz One/Immaculate x Darice13. Haters ft. E the Rapper & Suzie H
14. It's Nothin' ft. F.E.T.U.S & Zero
15. Misfit ft. Trial
16. Underdog ft. Zero/Jise/Dubbs/Masetti
17. Long Way Round ft. Zero & Douuble You
18. Deep Breath ft. Optymus Music
19. Stop Us ft. Sleep Lyrical & Douuble You

Underground Unleashed - Underground Unleashed Vol. 2 [2016]

Artist: Underground Unleashed
Album: Underground Unleashed Vol. 2
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Record Label: Underground Unleashed
1. Monsters Ball ft. Playboy the Beast/Big Shot/Samson Samson/Dubbs
2. Can't Go Back ft. F.E.T.U.S & Suffer
3. Roll ft. Legion/Sleep Lyrical/F.E.T.U.S.
4. I Don't Really Care ft. Samson Samson/Murda D/Crossworm
5. Murderous Habits ft. K-Smoke/Mr. Morbid/Lyrizone/Samson Samson/Rhapture/Dubbs
6. Darkness ft. Tha Wikid One/F.E.T.U.S./Sleep Lyrical
7. Better for Souls ft. Bloke C
8. Learn 2 Love Me ft. F.E.T.U.S.
9. Homie Hoppaz ft. Frozolid
10. Get Away ft. Izzy Draztik
11. Blocka Blocka ft. Phatal PHD
12. Smiling ft. Bloke C
13. Blissful Ignorance ft. Lyrizone/E the Rapper/Sleep Lyrical
14. Behind Enemy Lines ft. Trial
15. Dreams ft. Dubbs
16. Critical ft. Dubbs/Masetti/the Jokerr
17. Go Down ft. Sleep Lyrical
18. Grasping for Nothing ft. Living Evil
19. This Road ft. Sleep Lyrical & Nesto the Owner
20. My History ft. Trial & Masetti
21. Scream ft. Samson Samson & Basick Musick

Underground Unleashed - Underground Unleashed Vol. 1 [2015]

Artist: Underground Unleashed
Album: Underground Unleashed Vol. 1
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2015
Record Label: Underground Unleashed
1. We the Underground ft. Dubbs/Badluck/Cryptic Wisdom
2. Head Held High ft. Malaria/Mad Choppa/Sleep Lyrical
3. When It Goes Down ft. Midwest Monsters
4. Klan of Monsters ft. Sleep Lyrical & Grewsum
5. Ill Terminology ft. Session9/Mumm-Ra/Oskino/Split Divo/Big City
6. 2 Bodies ft. D-Rangd/Donnie Menace/Tha Wikid One
7. Follow Us Down ft. Samson Samson/Durte/Legion
8. Annie Wilkes ft. Trial
9. I Love Blood ft. Legion
10. Legend ft. Tha Wikid One
11. Blood on My Hands ft. Sleep Lyrical
12. Run for Your Life ft. Mad Choppa/Grewsum/Madd Maxxx
13. Holy Water ft. Grewsum/Bloke C/Playboy the Beast
14. Paranormal ft. Samson Samson/Kung Fu Vampire/Malaria/Rhapture
15. Nothing Matters ft. Samson Samson/Sleep Lyrical/Dubbs
16. Struggle ft. Murda D/Legion/Renigade
17. The Truth ft. The Hero Clique & Komatose
18. Lost ft. Session9/Mumm-Ra/Grewsum/Badluck
19. Make It Out Alive ft. H8trid/Zero/Optymus
20. Jumper ft. Playboy the Beast/Badluck/Crossworm

Kritical Distrezz & Kaotic Klique - Evil Meets Evil [2019]

Artist: Kritical Distrezz & Kaotic Klique
Album: Evil Meets Evil
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2019
Record Label: Gut Grind Records
1. Check This Hoe ft. PCP
2. Da Maggotz
3. Sociopathic Tendencies
4. Ovadose
5. Legacy
6. Mask 2 My Skull ft. Gangsta Boo
7. Psychopathic Madman
8. Murder Scene
9. Done Job
10. Cock Back Da Carbon

Kritical Distrezz - Murder 4 Hire [KD-M4H-2019]

Artist: Kritical Distrezz
Album: Murder 4 Hire
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2019
Record Label: Gut Grind Records
1. F**k You Pay Me
2. Tryna Play Hard
3. Back Ridin Solo
4. Callin out for Me
5. Darkside
6. Like Aww (Remix) ft. Mr. Serv-On
7. Murder I Spoke
8. Lick My Nutz
9. Surgeon ft. Logix 7
10. Malcolm X
11. Run Away

John Witherspoon - 63 Cent [2008]

Artist: John Witherspoon
Album: 63 Cent
Genre: Comedy/Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 208
Record Label: John Witherspoon Music
1. U Gotta Coordinate
2. Dance Now (Wit Yo Big Ol' Azz)
3. Don't Nobody Go In the Bathroom
4. Kiss Where the Sun Don't Shine
5. Macaronis & Playaz
6. Bang Bang Bang Bang !!!!
7. I'm Mad
8. Gangsta Gangsta
9. P-Whipped
10. Nefertiti
11. Sleaze

Mastamind - Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz [2019]

Artist: Mastamind
Album: Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2019
Record Label: Fallen Angels Entertainment
1. Midnite Special
2. Shot's Fired (Bussing @ 'Em)
3. Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz
4. Tighten Up
5. Murda on My Mind ft. Ganxsta Nip & Timmi 2 Tymes
6. Hate All U Want, Pt. 2 ft. The Dayton Family & Timmi 2 Tymes
7. Sleep Tight Sweet Dreamz (Main TV Track)

Kritical Distrezz - Unscripted [2016]

Artist: Kritical Distrezz
Album: Unscripted
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2016
Record Label: Gut Grind Records
1. Die by the Gunfire (Dumb High)
2. Neva Gonna Stop ft. Mista Saw'd Off
3. Never Caught Slippin' ft. Mista Saw'd Off
4. Bloody Sunday ft. Straitjacket
5. Pop the Trunk ft. Mista Saw'd Off
6. Get Right ft. Mista Saw'd Off
7. Slaughter Spree ft. Straitjacket
8. Da Maggotz ft. Kaotic Klique

T-Rock & Lord Infamous - Project Mayhem [2019]

Artist: T-Rock & Lord Infamous
Album: Project Mayhem
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2019
Record Label: 6th Enterprise
1. Intro
2. Harmsway
3. High
4. Mobsters
5. How You Feel ft. II Tone
6. Gorilla
7. Hotel
8. War Ready
9. Msat ft. Dark Cappa
10. Outro

Reginelli - Life After No Limit: Reloaded [2019]

Artist: Reginelli
Album: Life After No Limit: Reloaded
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2019
Record Label: Criminal Minded Comitty
1. Roll With It
2. Vibe Ain't Right
3. Run It Up
4. Hot Summer
5. I Remember
6. Sour
7. Trust in Me
8. No Cap
9. Whatever U Want
10. Gangsta S**t

Reginelli - Life After No Limit [2018]

Artist: Reginelli
Album: Life After No Limit
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2018
Record Label: Criminal Minded Comitty
1. Soulja Slim Flow
2. I Remember
3. Die for Me
4. See These
5. Where I'm From
6. Rule Number One
7. Whatever ft. Que3