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Anerae VeShaughn - The Execution of X-Raided [2018]

Artist: Anerae Veshaughn (X-Raided)
Album: The Execution of X-Raided
Genre: Rap
Released: 2018
Record Label: Bloc Star Entertainment
1. R&R (Intro)
2. F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment) ft. X-Raided
3. The Execution of X-Raided Interlude
4. Dear Teyanna
5. It Wasn’t True (Only God Can Judge Me)
6. Collect Call Interlude
7. Neverland
8. Fool’s Gold ft. Yogi Calhoon
9. Mother’s Intuition ft. Jaz Brown
10. I Told You So (Eat Crow)
11. Jokers (Why So Serious)
12. Superpredator ft. Sanai x Calii Boii Sciit x Bleezo
13. Superpredator Interlude ft. Sanai
14. Who the Koba ft. The Bird
15. Gunemployment (Work) ft. The Bird
16. Ban the Box Interlude
17. Second Class Citizen ft. Loki
18. Master’s Daughters Interlude
19. Master's Daughters
20. Exodus (Let My People Go)