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Chevy P a.k.a. Smoke of Field Mob - Grandma Tried Vol. 1 [2009]

Artist: Chevy P aka Smoke of Field Mob
Album: Grandma Tried Vol. 1
Genre: Rap
Released: 2009
Record Label: N/A
1. Chevy P a.k.a. Smoke of Field Mob Intro
2. Go Blackie
3. My Bitch
4. Chevy Sit So High (Anthem) ft. Black Boi
5. Goon 2 A Goblin
6. I'ma Chevy Boy
7. My Plug Is Talkin'
8. Chevy P Prison Call Interlude
9. He Lyin'
10. Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
11. Grandma Tried Explanation Interlude
12. So Lonely (Mixtape Version)
13. Back Dat Thang Up
14. Country A$$ Mutha Fucka
15. Laptop Love
16. Bad Bitch (I'm Tellin' Ya) ft. Field Mob & Big Nod
17. Bobby Lee Swag
18. Always In Polo
19. Louie Bandana
20. Super Sport (Truest I Ever Wrote)
21. Chevy P aka Smoke of Fielf Mob Shout Outs
22. DJ Tremayne Contact Info Outro