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Kingpin Skinny Pimp - Back To Tha Playaz Ball [2000]

Artist: Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Album: Back To The Playaz Ball
Genre: Rap
Released: 2000
Record Label: Basix Records/Gimisum Productions
1. Hurts Village Intro ft. 211
2. We da Crunkest
3. Shake Junt
4. Where You At?
5. Pimpin'
6. Get Yo Bankroll
7. King of Memphis
8. Shut Em Down
9. Real Gimisum Niggaz
10. They Gotta Pay Me
11. Shake Ya Money Maker
12. Pimpin' Ain't Dead
13. Run up, Get Done Up
14. Warfare
15. Skinny Tales
16. Die or Kill
17. Bottom Line