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Mr. Sche - Summer Pimpin [2018]

Artist: Mr. Sche
Album: Summer Pimpin
Genre: Rap
Released: 2018
Record Label: Junkadelic Music
1. Amazing Pimp
2. What a Pimp's About
3. Play Me Some Pimpin' ft. T-Rock
4. Trappin' & Pimpin' ft. Taylor Wee
5. Summa Pimpin' ft. Hardcore Montana
6. Born to Mack ft. T-Rock)
7. O.G Mack ft. Bushwick Bill & Hardcore Montana
8. Make U Feel ft. Pimpminista & Tomskee Mask
9. It's My Turn ft. Jayden Young & T-Rock
10. Playaz up in Memphis ft. Nasty Nardo
11. Pimpalicious ft. Mr. LPD
12. Celebrate the Pimpin' ft. Mack Goldie & Mr. LPD