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Q-Ballsilini - Dirty White Boy [2001]

Artist: Q-Ballsilini
Album: Dirty White Boy
Genre: Rap
Released: 2001
Record Label: Wyde Open Records
1. Hater Intro
2. City I'm From
3. To Live & Die
4. Hellafied Game ft. Niko/Face/Young Shone
5. Here We Go Again
6. F' Wit me ft. Dupree/Judge/Jasmine
7. Gangsta's Anthem
8. Why Deez B's Hatin' Fo?
9. Dirty Streetz Pt. II
10. Keep it Gangsta ft. Sid Vicious/Dupree/Jasmine
11. Weed Smoke
12. They Sweat ft. Knocc Off/Jasmine
13. It's A Thin Line
14. Blink Yourself Away ft. Jasmine
15. Real Recognize Real
16. Good Bye
17. I'mma Hold On ft. Dupree