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Lil Pookie - White Boys Rumble Crackers Crumble [2012]

Artist: Lil Pookie
Album: White Boys Rumble Crackers Crumble
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2012
Record Label: Cut Throat Promotions
1. Whiteboys Rumble ft. Maverick & HKong
2. First of the Month ft. Big Led
3. Struggle ft. Youngsta
4. Just Believe ft. Maverick & HKong
5. Hustle An Flow ft. Maverick & Ms. White
6. No Nuts, No Glory ft. RaRa
7. Home Town Hero ft. Maverick-DB-Freaky J
8. I Like Ya Flow ft. Ms. White-Freaky J-JBlunt
9. Be Ready ft. Maverick & RaRa
10. Green Grass ft. Maverick
11. Breathing ft. Maverick
12. So High ft. RaRa
13. Victims of the Game ft. Maverick & Cremro
14. He's a Lame ft. Maverick
15. Used 2 Be My Type ft. Ms. V & Maverick
16. What They Talkn' About ft. HKong & Maverick