First Degree - Paper Stacks [2000]

Artist: First Degree
Album: Paper Stacks
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2000
Record Label: Poetic Playa Productions
1. Gossip
2. Kill The Gossip
3. Ballers ft. Bootleg
4. What You In It For? ft. Infamouz
5. Keep Yo Head Out the Rain
6. Ride One 'Em
7. Paper Stacks ft. Jake The Flake
8. Uncivilized ft. C-Styles
9. Club (Skit)
10. Ooh! (Let Me Do My Thing)
11. You Fuckin' Wit Him (You Fuckin' Wit Me) ft. Laid Diamond
12. We Pop Shit
13. Stop Hatin'
14. We Ridaz
15. Against the Grain ft. Agony
16. In These Streets... (Keep Your Brights On)
17. Infamouz and The Head Knocker
18. Are You Diggin Me? ft. Madam Dame & Mike Ford
19. Can You Run Wit It- ft. Astray & Napalm
20. Small World (Bonus Track)