I Got The Hook Up Soundtrack [1998]

Artist: Various Artists
Album: I Got The Hook Up Soundtrack
Genre: Soundtrack
Released: 1998
Record Label: Priority/No Limit Records
1. Hook It Up
2. Ghetto Vet
3. What the Game Made Me
4. From What I Was Told
5. Let's Ride
6. I Got the Hook Up
7. Hooked
8. Down With You
9. Shake Somethin'
10. I Don't Want to Go
11. Would You Hesitate
12. Itch or Scratch
13. Keep It Real
14. Who Rock This
15. Bump And Grill
16. Tell Me What You're Lookin' For
17. Call It What You Want
18. What You Need
19. Drama
20. We Got It
21. Bang or Ball