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Kami Kaze Inc. - Best of Kami Kaze Inc. [SCREWED] [2006]

Artist: Kami Kaze Inc.
Album: Best of Kami Kaze Inc. [SCREWED]
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap/Chopped & Screwed
Released: 2006
Record Label: Kami Kaze Productions

1. In Dis Hoe
2. Let's Make a Stang
3. K.F.C.
4. Sprang On Em
5. They Won't Let Us N Da Clubuth
6. It's Whatever Down South
7. F You, It's Going Down
8. Dust I Trust
9. Don't Touch Me
10. Element of Surprise
11. Grab tha Gauge
12. He Shot, I Shot
13. 2 Much Ana
14. See Us Comin'
15. Do the Things You Do
16. What Cha Boyz Gon Do?
17. Rage of Innocence

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