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Kami Kaze Inc. - Kami Kaze [2001]

Artist: Kami Kaze Inc.
Album: Kami Kaze
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2001
Record Label: Kami Kaze Productions
1. Kaze Intro
2. Fuck You, It's Going Down
3. It's Whatever Down South
4. Rage of Innocence
5. Enter Da Battle Zone
6. She Goin', Pt. 2
7. Strawz and Bowz
8. 'Bout to Kamit
9. To Much Ana
10. 'Bout a Hoe
11. We Komin'
12. Get Yo Dog Off Me
13. He Shot, I Shot
14. If You Wit' It
15. Real Nigga Shit
16. Ghetto Kombat
17. Sick and Twisted Thoughts
18. They Won't Let Us In the Klub

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