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Kami Kaze Inc. - Only The Strong Survive [SCREWED] [2005]

Artist: Kami Kaze Inc.
Album: Only The Strong Survive [SCREWED]
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap/Chopped & Screwed
Released: 2005
Record Label: Kami Kaze Productions
1. It's Time (Intro)
2. Heart Dat Don't Bleed
3. Yata, Yata
4. Overdosin'
5. Made Me Hot
6. Real Look Unfold
7. Still Ragin'
8. Weed Song
9. Stand Strong
10. Tuck Yo Nuts
11. Whoop Dat Bitch, Hurt Dat Hoe
12. Counterfeit N****z
13. You Ain't Us
14. All About My Hustle
15. Kami Kaze Inc. We Be
16. Sprang On 'Em
17. What Cha Boyz Gon Do?

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