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Bishop - U Know U Ghetto [2001]

Artist: Bishop
Album: U Know U Ghetto
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2001
Record Label: Tony Mercedes Records/Buckethead Entertainment
1. U Know U Ghetto
2. Yeen Allat
3. Cant Get a Ride
4. Oooh Dis Thang Thick
5. M.O.E.T. (Money Over Everything)
6. Da Crib
7. Fuck Boyz And Pussy Hoez
8. In Love Like A Muthafucka
9. Mr. Policeman
10. Will It Ever Be
11. Freak In My Life
12. Fast Lyfe
13. Off Glass
14. Triple-O-Thugz
15. U Know U Ghetto [Club Mix]

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