Crucified - Tha Glock Mane Sessionz [2014]

Artist: Crucified
Album: Tha Glock Mane Sessionz
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2014
Record Label: Broken Halo Entertainment
1. This Trip ft. MC Mike
2. In My Mind
3. Wicked(Skinny Knicca Remix) ft. Twisted Insane & B-Dub
4. I Dont Luv Em
5. One In Da Chamber
6. Smoking Blunts ft. Lord Infamous
7. Get Wrong With Me
8. Lay It Down
9. Step On Up ft. Stryfe Abbadon/Mr. Tex/Rob Da Rippah
10. Smith N Wesson ft. Mr. Tex
11. Demonic Chronic ft. Kushin
12. Smoke A Sack
13. Buck Em Dead ft. Rob Da Rippah
14. Straight Out The Gate ft. Jacques/Deuce/L-Menace
15. Smoking Crucifiexes (RIT Remix) ft. Lord Infamous
16. Devil Shyt U Hate 2 Hear
17. Chapel & Priest ft. Valtiel
18. Smoking Blunts (DJ Mystical One Remix) ft. Lord Infamous
19. Drug Abuse ft. Lord Infamous
20. Killers In Your Mind (Pete G Mix)