Shoestring - Representin' Till The World Ends [1999]

Artist: Shoestring
Album: Representin' Till The World Ends
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 1999
Record Label: Tommy Boy Music
1. Intro
2. Wiggy ft. Madame Dame & Bootleg
3. Take That M.F. ft. Ready Ace & Swan
4. Twist Up And Roll
5. Following A Star ft. Devon Peterson & Lorrie Coleman
6. Greedy ft. Lorrie Coleman & T Double
7. Snitch Killer ft. Jake The Flake
8. Get Your Groove On ft. Penniman
9. Representin' Till The World Ends ft. Tye Stick
10. Welcome To Terror
11. Family Biz ft. Swan
12. We Still Creepin' ft. Young Mike
13. Sunshine & Blow ft. Lorrie Coleman
14. All You Hear Is Boom ft. Young Mike & Billy Smokes
15. Elie ft. Deuce
16. Outro