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Big Loony - Chop Shit Down [2016]

Artist: Big Loony
Album: Chop Shit Down
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2016
Record Label: Chop Shit Down Records
1. Introduction
2. Fast Lane
3. Perfect Murder
4. Goodbye
5. In The Air
6. Fed Up
7. The Plug
8. Child's Play ft Go Ghetta
9. AK's and Choppers ft. D-Loc The Gill God
10. My Time To Shine ft. PT The Don
11. Champagne Bottles
12. Voodoo
13. Underground Choppers
14. Ambition ft. PT/Insane Disciple
15. Friday The 13'th ft. PT
16. Wrong With Me ft. PT
17. Game Over
18. Got To Get That Money