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Dez of HellBorn - The Prototype [2015]

Artist: Dez of HellBorn
Album: The Prototype
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2015
Record Label: Mind Boggalin Muzak Inc.
1. The Definition
2. The Prototype
3. Spazz Out
4. Move In Silence ft. Mr. Sche
5. I Be All About ft. Play Boy Mack
6. Aggresive
7. Real Life, Real Talk
8. Steve Jobs ft. Q.P.K.
9. Adios ft. Blac Da Classic
10. I Forgot ft. I Am Smoke
11. I'm Hungry ft. B-Dubb
12. That's What U Said
13. No Game
14. Finished
15. Purple Fluid ft. Seer The Reaper
16. Bread Truck