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Underground Unleashed - Underground Unleashed Vol. 1 [2015]

Artist: Underground Unleashed
Album: Underground Unleashed Vol. 1
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2015
Record Label: Underground Unleashed
1. We the Underground ft. Dubbs/Badluck/Cryptic Wisdom
2. Head Held High ft. Malaria/Mad Choppa/Sleep Lyrical
3. When It Goes Down ft. Midwest Monsters
4. Klan of Monsters ft. Sleep Lyrical & Grewsum
5. Ill Terminology ft. Session9/Mumm-Ra/Oskino/Split Divo/Big City
6. 2 Bodies ft. D-Rangd/Donnie Menace/Tha Wikid One
7. Follow Us Down ft. Samson Samson/Durte/Legion
8. Annie Wilkes ft. Trial
9. I Love Blood ft. Legion
10. Legend ft. Tha Wikid One
11. Blood on My Hands ft. Sleep Lyrical
12. Run for Your Life ft. Mad Choppa/Grewsum/Madd Maxxx
13. Holy Water ft. Grewsum/Bloke C/Playboy the Beast
14. Paranormal ft. Samson Samson/Kung Fu Vampire/Malaria/Rhapture
15. Nothing Matters ft. Samson Samson/Sleep Lyrical/Dubbs
16. Struggle ft. Murda D/Legion/Renigade
17. The Truth ft. The Hero Clique & Komatose
18. Lost ft. Session9/Mumm-Ra/Grewsum/Badluck
19. Make It Out Alive ft. H8trid/Zero/Optymus
20. Jumper ft. Playboy the Beast/Badluck/Crossworm